New Year 2016 National Housing Report Infographic

Compared to the year prior, December 2015 concluded with 6.1%. Booya! On a month-over-month basis, December sales were much higher with an increase of 22.5% over November. In all of 2015, nine months saw home sales higher than the same month one year ago.

What it means for buyers:

As these Michigan temperatures rise, the market could be heating back up. These last few weeks of winter may be a good time to buy before the traditionally more competitive summer months. An experienced agent can help you decide the best next move for your personal situation.

What it means for sellers:

The average home was on the market in December for almost a week less than a year ago. This could be good news if you’re looking to move fast, but may cause a little uncertainty if you need to linger in your current home. An agent can help you work out an agreement with buyers with a timeline that works for everyone.

Find out more about the housing market in December with the infographic below:


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